3lb Packages and Nuc’s described


           Hope everyone is having a successful winter with their bees.  We wanted to let you know we are accepting pre-order’s for 3 lb packages of bees with a mated queen and nucleus hives ( 5 frames of bees , brood, and a laying mated queen marked .  

Package dates are April 3rd, 10th, and 24th tentatively “ barring a snow storm “ , then each date will get moved out a week, should this occur.   We will call you and let you know . Please specify your date for pick up on your online order .  

3lb package of Bee’s is just that . 3 pounds of Bee’s and a caged mated Queen, pick up day will be that Saturday, we prefer the pickup date to be firm. Jim drives to Georgia picks up 500 packages that have been pre-ordered on three different trips, he leaves on Thursday morning, they shake bee’s on Friday and he is sitting in our driveway ready to unload on Saturday morning, the less time in the crate the better, we have very few dead bees in our crates because of this process. We will have someone on site all day long instructing you on how to install your bees into your hive. You can call the store or order online . Packages are $ 120.00 plus tax.  

Nucs for those of you who have not bought from us before are done a bit differently than some : 

  1. You bring your complete hive set up ( bottom board , deep box , 5 frames with 5 foundations installed, inner cover and top cover , your protective gear “ jacket and gloves” , or you can purchase all here. That’s right your going to the bee yard with us to pick out your nuc and get a beekeeping 101 lesson to boot. We want you to know when you leave that you have a complete working hive. 
  2. You will also need a ratchet strap , after the nuc is installed we will put a ratchet strap on it , screen off the front and you can take it home and set in your desired location.  
  3. Nuc cost this year are $ 170 plus tax, same as last year.  If you call or come in we take a half deposit down and half on pickup , if you order online it charges the full $ 170 plus tax.  
  4. Nucs are typically ready between mid May to early June.  
  5. Nucs will be distributed in the order they were placed.  

Just a couple of side notes,  

1.we have opened another business here called The Wood Working Tool Connection carrying brands such as Powermatic, diablo , frued, we have the heavy equipment table saws, drill press, planer’s, saw blades, wood lathes, and all the accessories.  

2. We are now carrying seeds, pollinator seeds USDA approved, and other’s such as buck wheat , clover’s etc. Call for quantity and pricing .  

As always if you have any questions or concerns or need help with your hive please call and let us know we are happy to help.  

Happy Beekeeping !!! 

Jim and Paula Coss 

Owner’s ~ Educator’s ~ Beekeeper’s  


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