Hello!  Welcome to our website,

We are a family run business, nestled right here in North Eastern Kentucky and Kentucky Proud member.

In January 2009, Jim brought home a few packages of bees to pollinate the garden, he began making supplies to house his bees and other’s took interest, soon he became know as the go to guy to get supplies, thus  The Honey and Bee Connection LLC was born. Our business has seen many transitions, the store was in Jim’s office by the house, while he worked for Hussmann Corporation, he had one person working for him that took care of business while he was on service calls, he then was offered at home position with the company he was employed and that is when he really put time and effort into growing his business, he built a small showroom with one employee for a year, then he met and married his now wife Paula on Dec. 31st, 2016. Paula had owned and operated a few business’ in her career path and a perfect union was established.  Paula took over running the store on most day’s, she also works for a company from home,  while Jim worked from home with Hussmann, also tending to the ordering and stocking and building needs during his off day’s and weekends, late nights have been a mainstay with operating our own business. Another transition was the addition of the showroom, expanding our capability to display items we only previously kept in storage.  Jim retired from his ” real ” job he called it on July 4, 2019 and as you can guess more transitions have occurred. While i am writing this he is down at the new wood shop where he can build, store and weld much needed supplies, without tying up our already busy area, he is running wire and figuring out where everything needs to go as this project moves forward, this will allow us to expand our existing showroom and set up a shipping station in a more appropriate manner.  Another transition is the hiring of another employee Travis French of French’s honey and bee’s is now a full time employee with us, he apprenticed under Jim for 3 consecutive years, he is properly trained and also has real passion for the enthusiast or the hobbyist, Travis is here daily as well and will be happy to assist you in your beekeeping adventure.

What we want people to know, is that we are here to provide all beekeepers with a understanding of how to take care of your bees,. the knowledge Jim has gained through his own trial and errors, and beekeeping passion  has given us the opportunity to share that  knowledge and passion for beekeeping with beekeepers everywhere.  We are now able to provide customers across the United States with all of their beekeeping needs and answer any questions they may have. We carry a wide array of beekeeping supplies, as well as gifts and of course honey. We also wholesale honey to local retailers for resale.

We also want people to know that if we don’t step up as humanitarians and do our part to ensure the honey bee population for future generations,  to have the same opportunities we been afforded, then we have failed society as a whole. While you may not be able to be a beekeeper, you can do your part in supporting your local beekeepers through honey sales and planting bee-friendly plants, use of pesticides is common thread with beekeepers and there are so many alternatives to using a chemical spray on your yard, if you search our facebook page or just ask we are happy to mail you a copy of what we use instead of pesticides and herbicides to maintain weeds and unwanted bugs.

Our motto is  ” if your not successful, were not successful ”  We pride ourselves on that statement.

The goal of my business is to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the products we offer, as well as the customer service. If your in the area please stop by as we do tours of our facility, where we have a wood working shop and get a up close and personal view of our indoor observation hive.  Thank you for stopping in.

Jim and Paula Coss

owner’s ~ operators ~ educators