Antler King Cotton Candy

Antler King Cotton Candy


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Cotton Candy™ is the first cottonseed deer attractant. Cottonseed provides a high percentage of protein, fiber and fat, a combination that no other grain can offer to deer. In addition to cottonseed, Cotton Candy™ contains corn, roasted soybeans and protein pellets which are packed with minerals and vitamins. Here are two big reasons that you will want to use Cotton Candy:

  1. Testing has shown that deer, both in the north as well as in the south, crave Cotton Candy so much they keep coming back to get more for over a week after it’s gone!
  1. Because Cotton Candy is so new, the odds are your neighbors won’t have any. This means deer will be on your property looking to get more of this powerful attractant!

Cotton Candy also contains AMP™, Antler King’s® proprietary health supplement that promotes digestive efficiency along with immune functions. This makes Cotton Candy™ the best choice for not only attracting, but also for growing healthy deer and big bucks.

Cotton Candy™ can be used with any type feeder (gravity, trough or spin cast) or simply poured directly on the ground. Use to draw big bucks close to game cameras or within range of your favorite hunting stand or blind.

  • Contains cottonseed, corn, roasted soybeans and protein pellets
  • 20% Protein, 14% Fiber and 11% Fat
  • Contains Amp™ – a proprietary digestive health supplement to help promote digestive efficiency and immune function
  • Use in gravity, trough, or spin type feeders or pour on the ground
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