Bee Sex Essentials by John Connor Lawrence

Bee Sex Essentials by John Connor Lawrence


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Preface by Dr. David Tarpy, North Carolina State University, Releigh, NC. The fate of the queen and the drones she mates with ultimately determines the fate of your colony. This book covers the development and colony regulation of drone and queen production, how they mate and influence the hive. A section on introductory bee genetics explains sex determination, the role of drone diversity, and other concepts beekeepers must understand. Look at model breeding programs using survivor and mite-resistant stocks (yours and others) to develop a miticide free management plan. This book features all full color photographs.


Well done. A scientific book written from a beekeeper’s perspective. Easy to read and understand. It covers all the biological facets of the honeybee, especially those associated with queen rearing. Every beekeeper should have a copy on his desk or in his library. –Richard Adee, Adee Honey Farms, Bruce, SD.

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Born in Kalamazoo and a graduate of Michigan State University, the author was extension apicultural entomologist at the Ohio State University. He was invited to run the Dadant Starline and Midnte hybrid queen production program and establish the world’s first mass-production facility for the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees. A regular author for The American Bee Journal and Bee Culture Magazine, the author has written the book Increase Essentials and the novel Haymakers. He has served as editor of several journals and scientific tests.

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