Small Hive Beetle Trap Jail

Small Hive Beetle Trap Jail


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Our beetles traps are a fan favorite among beekeepers and works great at keeping those pesky small hive beetles from becoming an issue. These traps work without any chemicals.

The clear plastic allows you to check oil levels and how many small hive beetles are caught in the trap. The top of the trap completely flips open so you can clean out the trap and reuse it season after season. But the lid closes to create the trap, only allowing a thin slot across the top for beetles to enter the oil compartment.

These traps work best when placed in the top four corners of the hive between the frame and box. 2 traps per hive are great for the maintenance of beetles, but 4-6 traps per hive are helpful in knocking down a large beetle population.

Traps can be left in the hive year-round, but traps should be checked every 2-3 weeks. When the oil is full of beetles, it is time to clean and refill. Warm months are the peak season for small hive beetles, so summer is the ideal time to use them.

How to use:

  1. Fill the two outside compartments of the trap halfway up with food grade oil
  2. Place cider vinegar or finely chopped banana peel in the middle bait compartment (optional)
  3. Hang the trap in the top corner of the hive, from a frame with the oil compartment touch the box
  4. Close and check trap for beetles every two weeks; clean and refill

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