Nucleus Hive

Nucleus Hive


Only 5 Frames with Bees/Laying Queen Included in price.


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Our nucs contain 5 frames of Bees,brood, eggs, larvae, honey stores, and (marked or unmarked) laying queen. Jim takes exceptional care to deliver a quality hive of bees, the general rule is don’t expect honey on the first year. However, with our hearty stock of nucs produced, 80% of our customers report not only getting honey, but having to split the hive as well. We will take you to the bee yard, for a one on one tutorial upon pickup. This is a great opportunity for the 1st time beekeeper to get hands on learning while picking up their bees. You will bring or purchase your complete hive, while here, bring or purchase your protective gear. You will take home an established working hive of bees, ready to go to work.

They will be available for Pickup Mid-May to Early June 2023, depending on the weather, if you send us a check you will pay 1/2 down and 1/2 on pickup , if you order online it will charge the full price.

This years nuc price is $ 175.00 plus tax.
This item is only available in store, which means it must be picked up at our location:

If you would like to mail a check for the 1/2 payment the address is:
80 Emory Branch Rd. Morehead, KY 40351


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