Oxavap Pro Dispenser and Cap

Oxavap Pro Dispenser and Cap


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Cap included

NEW ProVap dispenser, which is an integral part of the vaporize. You now can adjust the amount of OA you’re vaporizing into the hive from 1-4 grams with a simple twist of the dial! With the included dispenser, there’s no flipping of the vaporizer to get the OA into the heating vessel!!! There’s also no measuring of the OA. You just set the dispenser dial to the number of grams you desire. Dip the dispenser into the OA (where it will “grab” the OA) then place the dispenser into the PV18 “chimney.” Hold and push down on the dispenser tube until you feel it “lock it into place” and “tap” the dispenser top to disburse the OA into the heating chamber. Easily adjust for each hive dosage by merely twisting the dial! Since there is no “flipping” of the vaporizer, hives on pallets are now a breeze. Note: if your OA is bone dry, mist it slightly with water to allow it to “catch” in the vaporizer.

We’ve also changed the stem to brass and made it to screw into the heating bowl. Since it now screws, in the event of damage, simply unscrew the old and replace with new! How much easier can it get? We have also added “teeth” to the heating chamber to keep the vaporizer from possibly spinning when inserted!

That’s it!!! Still just 20 or so seconds per hive when vaporizing 2 grams. Additional grams will require a slightly longer time.

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