Pure Paint Bee Safe Hive Paint

Pure Paint Bee Safe Hive Paint



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Pure Bee Safe Hive and Garden Paint is the only all natural toxin-free paint in North America specifically formulated to be 100% safe for bees, birds and other living creatures. This all natural hive paint ensures your hives are a healthy and safe place for your bees and that your garden offers a toxin free haven. This product meets international toy standards and is the only paint in Canada to follow EcoCert Guidelines. One quart goes a long way. You won’t be disappointed!

Beekeepers often ask, “What should I paint my hives with?” The answer is simple. You should not paint your hives with paint that contains chemicals and synthetic petroleum derived ingredients.

Bees see in ultraviolet. Pure has specially formulated all-natural hive paint in colors that bees like. We also offer a green and brown for keepers that want their hives to be “hidden”, and a white for a plainer look.

Bee Safe is an all natural 100% ecologically safe paint for the exterior of bee hives and anything in your yard and garden. It is a high-quality plant-based exterior paint and comes in an assortment of colors that bees can see with their ultraviolet vision.

Latex and acrylic paint are petroleum based and often contain BPA’s, Parabens, Phthalates and many other harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors. When these paints break down over time, they create microplastic that sticks to bees and is then distributed to their honey and wax. You can eliminate any harmful toxins from your hives by using Bee Safe.

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Bee Safe Hive and Garden Paint

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