Premier 1 Heat Plate temperature controller

Premier 1 Heat Plate temperature controller


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  • 110V
  • 29″ long
  • 20% to 100% of heat plate output
  • Do not use with equipment requiring over 100 watt draw
  • Not for luminous (lighted) heat sources, regulator pulsates which would cause the light to flash


How to Use
  1. Plugs between the outlet and heating plate.
  2. Simply turn the dial to adjust power consumption and heat output.


When the heating plate is plugged directly into the outlet, the red light comes on and stays on.

When it is plugged into the heating plate temperature controller, it will blink based on the min/max adjustment. Slow blink toward minimum and quicker toward max. If you turn it all the way up, it will come on full time.

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