Premier 1 Single Stake Poultry Net 12/48/3 164′ long Electric

Premier 1 Single Stake Poultry Net 12/48/3 164′ long Electric


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A 48″ tall, portable electric fence. Recommended for active birds that like to fly (e.g. Leghorns and Buttercups). The taller 48″ net is more likely to discourage large predators such as coyotes and dogs.


Shorter, 42″ PoultryNet is lighter and easier to handle, but is not as effective at keeping flighty birds enclosed. For those who prefer to move their fence less often, consider 48″ PermaNet®.

Arrives to your door as a complete roll with the line posts already built in. Just attach a fence energizer and it’s ready to keep poultry in and their predators out.


Common Uses

  • Contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks and other poultry on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Rotate poultry to fresh grass as a food source and to reduce disease risks.
  • Keep small flocks in the backyard. When managed well, chickens are an indispensable garden tool—turning pesky insects and weeds into rich compost.
  • Keeps out deer, bear, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, stray dogs and skunks.
  • Can be used to contain and control livestock other than poultry, such as sheep, goats, cattle and guard dogs.



Key Differences

  • PoultryNet® 12/48/3 is 48″ tall and has 12 horizontal strands with vertical strings every 3″. Built-in line posts (0.60″ dia.) are spaced every 10′.
  • PoultryNet® 12/48/3 (with drivable posts) can be pounded in with a dead-blow hammer or mallet. The 0.75″ dia. posts are much stronger and stiffer than standard line posts. Brown drive-caps indicate these posts are drivable.
  • PoultryNet® Plus 12/48/3 is identical to standard PoultryNet, but to help with sagging, we’ve added more posts to shorten the distance between them (6’8″ vs. 10′). More posts means less sag and a more versatile fence. Green is available for those who prefer to have the fence blend into the background or landscape.



PoultryNet® 12/48/3 Comparison Chart

PoultryNet® 12/48/3
drivable posts)
Plus 12/48/3
Premium Superconductor
Single Spike (SS) Line Posts
Double Spike (DS) Line Posts
Drivable (DP) Line Posts
Pos/Neg (PN) for dry soils
Distance Between Line Posts 10′ 12’5″ 6’8″
Post Diameter 0.60″ 0.75″ 0.60″
Spike Length/Diameter 6″/0.26″ 8″/0.31″ 6″/0.26″
Roll Length 82′ or 164′ 100′ 50′ or 100′


PoultryNet is not effective with baby chicks that are small enough to crawl through the net openings and therefore are not deterred by the electric shock.


To Install

The same “unroll and then unfold” process applies to all electrified nets. Minimal strength or skill needed (and no tools). Extra supports such as FiberTuff™ step-in posts are useful at corners, curves and ends. You will need a fence energizer to electrify the net.


Even for new users, it takes less than 10 minutes to go from out-of-the-box netting to installed fence. And it’s durable! Nets last over 10 seasons if used and stored properly. (Its mortal enemy is errant lawn mowers!)


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